31 marzo 2012

STRINGS optical's effect

24 marzo 2012

 TEST morph MAYA

22 marzo 2012


21 marzo 2012


"Designed as an entry for the [AMSTERDAM] Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Competition, the project explores notions of flow and interaction, while creating a strong visual statement. The pedestrian bridge concept seems to exaggerate the abundance of communication routes present in the city of Amsterdam. It is a network of interwoven pathways, offering different experiences to pedestrians and cyclists.
The idea came from considering the pedestrian bridge as a place of connections and interactions of flow and pedestrian paths, connecting the two banks: the flow of bicycles and pedestrians, according to their intensity, interact, creating dynamic paths. The flow of a pedestrian of a cyclist also vibrates permanently, and these vibrations are vectors of mechanical energy that can be recovered and converted into electrical energy by means of electromechanical transducers. The electrical energy produced daily by the flow of people can be used to illuminate the bridge during the night."


Within the highly developed international network about architecture there are still pockets of experiments clearly identifiable. The most interesting of these implications, necessarily inventive, are areas of research linked with new vision environments, capable of evaluating the ethical context of experiment, delineating how and what is going to explode in the future attitude of building. The challenges to the survival give us a valid means of exploring clever structures and new forms out from architecture. The question is how to design an integration strategy within metropolis capable of resolving sustainable problems for the future of the city without hiding processes of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Nature does not produce waste: any substance that plants and animals produced are converted to the natural cycle so that waste of an organism is food for another one.

16 marzo 2012


Second prize winners - PFFF Inflatable Architecture Competition

PFFF pavilion: The idea came up from a study on the main functions associated with research for a dynamic organism.The structure developed across a regular shape, a rectangle that from a transversal deformation ideally gives back a parallelogram.This form is self-organized and is altered in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional way, following a symmetrical order.The project generated is both complex and fluid, it’s a continuous element that refers formally to bone structure.